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O"ur Focus of Attention Determines Our Feelings" - I do live with this axiom. I use about three ways to focus on the positive. First one is making notes in my Gratitude journal where I jotting down a short list of things which I'm grateful for(e.g. a really good cup of coffee that morning or hearing my husband says “I love you.”). The second one is writing down writing down the things which I’ve achieved each month. And the last one - I say magical words "thank you".

It really helps me to stay positive!


Focussing on positive aspects of life, however, doesn't necessarily imply ignoring anything that might feel negative, right? That would seem dangerous under certain circumstances. If, for instance, you suffer from headaches, but instead of facing your pain (a negative thing), you focus on all that is going well for you. That could pose a serious threat to your health.

Maybe we have to, while focussing on the good, also deal with the bad, and face the ugly on time, in order to ensure our happiness to be maintainable in the long run?

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