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Ken Wert

Wonderful post, Michele!

Here's how I see it: Life is nothing more than a continual string of moments.

In other words, life isn't lived or experienced as a stretch of time, but as a moment that then fades instantaneously into the next moment, and then the next, and so forth.

It is so true, as you say, that a dissatisfying, unhappy life is one in which the moments of time were too often wasted on negative thoughts and self-defeating behaviors that could produce nothing but dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

be happy

Spectacular post!

You mentioned something that I actually do:
Look at the time and wonder how to make the most of it.

At "times", time is just way too fast. We need to treasure it before its late.

Jordan Flight 9

Life is like a fire, only give oneself add fuel to not snuffed out. Thank you for sharing the joy!

Quotes About Happiness

The content i superb, Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.


What a great blog post. Yes, enjoy the moment!

Find the joy in the moment - in the now. Sometimes this can be hard, but still do our best.

Do not dwell in the past that you no longer need, nor live in fear of the future.

Thank you for sharing this inspiring and well written blog post with us.

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